How To Meditate In Any Environment

How to Meditate in Any Environment

Guest Post by Cassie @ehealthinformer





Have you ever been at work, school or out on an errand and feel like you just need to get away? It’s normal for us to want to find ways to escape the many stressors in our life. Meditation gives us this, but it isn’t the first thing to come to mind when we’re out and about in our daily lives because we think we need a quiet, undisturbed environment to do it.  Well, that’s not quite true. If you’re flexible and follow a few simple steps, you can meditate in virtually any environment, which will go a long way towards finding balance in your life.


Use Your Surroundings






In meditation and a lot of spiritual philosophies, we’re taught developing present moment awareness is essential for achieving peace and happiness. To do this, we need to create “anchors.”


These can be almost anything you want, from something on your body to whatever you can see, hear, smell or touch in your immediate environment. This makes meditation possible no matter the circumstances.


For example, it’s possible to meditate in a busy shopping mall. The sounds of people, music and the smell of café’s and restaurants can all be used as anchors to bring you back to the present moment.


Your workplace can also be an environment for meditation. If you have a break for more than 30 minutes, you could do 10-15 minutes of meditation. Using what’s around you will help you enter a state of pure relaxation. The key is allowing everything to be as it is. Welcome sounds, smells, feelings and anything else you experience with your awareness.


Use Technology




Most of us associate technology with stressful situations, such as work, the kids, emails, etc. However, put to good use, it can actually make meditation in any environment much easier. Apps, such as Headspace or Calm, are quite popular amongst people who meditate.


Headspace introduces you to the idea of taking 10 minutes out of your day to meditate. It effectively nudges you into daily meditation, which is essential for making the most of the practice. It also sends out daily notifications and badges to remind you to take a break to rejuvenate and replenish.


You can download Headspace for free on Android and iOS devices. However, if you plan on using the app in public areas, it’s worth using a secure connection, as the app does require some minor personal details.


Apps are a great way to meditate in any environment since most of us already carry a smartphone around with us everywhere we go. By plugging in some headphones, we block out some outside noise and distractions. Combining this with guided meditations helps you learn how to incorporate everything you’re experiencing so that you can transcend into a place of tranquillity and calm.


So, it should now be clear that meditating in any environment is most certainly possible. Using anchors and technology, you can quickly transform the most mundane daily activity into a moment of transcendence and peace. This allows you to take control when you find yourself in stressful situations, instead of letting them control you, which will make being happy and relaxed that much easier.


Author bio: Cassie is a health and tech blogger with a keen passion for meditation. She learned Transcendental Meditation a few years ago and has seen numerous benefits from her twice-daily practice. Now she enjoys sharing her experience with others to encourage them to pick up meditation.

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