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Sometimes life throws you for a loop, or sometimes you find yourself having a lot of days that you are feeling really sad and can't figure out why. Are there days when you are struggling to get out of bed in the morning to begin your day? Depression may be a result of a specific life event or trauma, or it may be a result of a chemical imbalance. Keep reading


There is help available for you! Are you always feeling nervous or on edge? Do you have a hard time focusing on what you are doing? Have you ever experienced your heart racing or palms sweating? Having these symptoms makes life difficult! Like Depression, Anxiety may be a result of a specific life event or trauma. Keep reading


Many people experience trauma in their lives, and then struggle to function or complete everyday tasks. There are both “Big T” traumas and “little t” traumas. Big T traumas are things like surviving a major natural disaster, car accident, domestic violence, rape, returning veterans from war, divorce or death of a loved one, along with many other significant events. Little T traumas are things like starting back at school, argument with a friend or family member, moving residences, or birth/adoption of a child. Keep reading

Supervision & Consultation

How many times have you had ended a session with a client and wished “it would be so helpful to be able to get someone else’s perspective and guidance?” Even after a clinician is licensed, supervision is a way to continue to further your knowledge in the field, learn more about theories, treatment modalities, and ways to grow as a professional. It is crucial for clinicians to be able to seek out support, which is also a major source of self-care. Keep reading

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